The Excursion

Take in the paradisiacal Bahamian scenery when you book a private boat charter. Choose a morning or afternoon departure time, and meet your vessel at one of several convenient docks.

Once aboard, you can plan your own sightseeing adventure, try your hand at fishing, go for a swim with sea turtles or snorkel among the coral reefs! Enjoy a picnic on a remote beach, complete with a delicous Bahamian meal.

Tour Times

Your choice of Morning Tours or Afternoon Tour

The Experiences

Tour Locations

Discover something new as you soak up the island sun while relaxing on a virtually private beach. Allow your personal hostess to attend to your needs and when your ready take a grand dive into the beautiful waters of Green Cay. Enjoy a swim with Bahama Green turtles see some of the most beautiful coral reefs your eyes will ever grace.

The fun never ends, on the beach and in the water! For thrill seekers, enjoy exciting banana boat rides until you fall off. While on the land feel free to interact with your local hostess playing shore games and more.

Known for its natural beauty and excitement, Rose Island is one of the most popular islands near Nassau. Hop off the ship unto knee deep water and immerse yourself into the beautiful white sands beaches as the island breeze blows through your hair! Enjoy a sip of a complementary drink while lounging in your beach chair taking in the beautiful view before you.

UP FOR FISHING! Toss your line into the turquoise water and let nature do the rest! BAIT YOUR HOOKS AND CROSS YOUR FINGERS, PRAY YOU GET A BIG ONE!

The most secluded of our 3 islands, Lower Harbor is a prestigious cay about 70 yards away from Rose Island. The journey to Lower Harbor is a walk along a picturesque ankle deep sand bar. along the way you meet a few new friends such as sea crabs, star fish, bonefish and sand dollars!


We also offer Scrumptious meals on our the dream menu:

  • Tropical dream burger /side off chips / carrots/ celery sticks /
  • Conch Salad
  • Grill Conch /Tropical salad
  • Grill Fish/Tropical salad
  • Tropical Fruit Salad